Recent Exhibitions

Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede. July 25 2016. “Moulting”. Grand Prize – Jurors Choice Award. Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Greater Goods Art Space + Gallery. April 01 2016-May 29 2016. “Within Vast”. Solo Exhibition. Calgary, Alberta. 


Atelier Austmarka. April 15, 2018- May 15, 2018. Austmarka, Norway.


Kail, Ellyn. Feature Shoot. December 26 2014. Portraits of Mothers Who’ve Been Given Makeovers by their 3 to 5-year-old Daughters. Web.

Burgett, Gannon. Peta Pixel. November 29 2014. Heartwarming #Daughterdoesmymakeup Portraits Question the Idea of Beauty. Web.
Daily Mail.
November 22 2014.
Would you let YOUR four-year-old daughter do your makeup?
 Feature article. Web.

Frank, Priscilla. Huffington Post
.November 20 2014.
When Daughters Do These Mothers Makeup, We See Beauty The way A Child Does
. Article.

Metro News. 
November 29 2014.
Elly Heise’s Daughter Does My Makeup Photography Project Results In Some Strong Looks. Article.

RTL Explosiv Das Magazin December 12 2014. Wenn kleine Töchter ihre Mütter schminken, wird’s bunt. Television Interview.

November 24 2014.
 These Moms Let Young Daughters Do Their Makeup. Article.



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